Black is a color, so solid and pure…Its classic cool and impressively endure.

Black can easily cover up that other’s like blue,pink,yellow would miss on. It relates to the air of mystery. It also happens to be one of the first colors used in art on a blank canvas the caves during the old centuries where art form and stories of legends were told were also done with a black coal as its first. It has been naturally presented to us much before than you and I came into existence but it’s human mindset that distinguishes it from the other forms existing. It’s the way we look at either good or bad that matters for its acceptance.

I wish to have these black things that would make me living with the color even more enhancing

1. Cufflinks


Cufflinks are used to secure French button cuffs and are also an item of jewellery for men. In their simplest form a double, coloured silk knot. Cufflinks are manufactured from a variety of different materials, such as glass, stone, leather, metal, precious metal or combinations of these.These would be the perfect cufflinks in black i wish for that would give me an edge over others in both style and different outlook

2. Trench Coat


I want this for the winters i visit my cousins in abroad…Even though the winters are blissful they are freaking cold, so to warm me up from within enjoying the season i would wish for these. The trench coat is garment is double-breasted with 10 front buttons, has wide lapels, a storm flap and pockets that button-close.The coat is commonly belted at the waist with a self-belt, as well as having straps around the wrists that also buckle up.

3. Biker Jacket


Leather jackets will be cool forever and can add a touch of rebelliousness to any outfit. This black classic biker style jacket has had a lot of details stripped from it to create a more minimalist style.It could be ideal for a cleaner outerwear look for me. For those long bike rides out of town riding with my friends this would be a must for me.

4. Black Navy Suit


The navy suit is, by far, the most versatile suit that any man can own. Barring black tie affairs, it can be worn for any situation that asks for a suit: a job interview, day-to-day business, dress-casual, a night out, a wedding, a funeral or any situation where one wants to look like something.When light hits a good navy suit just right, it can be stunning. And perhaps more than any other color, dark navy complements everyone’s skin and hair tones wonderfully. This would definitely give me a mileage by far.

5. Porsche Wallet


The one am using currently is worn out and carrying an accessory like a wallet is a must for men. This porsche wallet  is a small, flat case that would help me to carry personal items such as cash,credit cards,identification documents etc.

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My World In A World I Live

Living normal life with hectic schedule with fighting for train seat to fight for extra marks extracts my whole energy in whole day. Then i think why did I grew up It was awesome that I would still have been in school. I wish this but this is not possible. After the long boring day. There are few things that enlighten my mood. But this 5 things just zest up my life.
1) My Family
Well I don’t Know From where to start but these people are the most precious people in world for me.
They are always there for me. They motivate me when I’m down and they celebrate my success with me. My Dad is the one who actually guides me and I always look upto him he is my real hero. My Mom today whatever I am I owe to her without her it wont be possible to me reach here. My sis no matter how much we fight at the end we peace it out. those fights shows how much we love each other
2) Food
No matter how down I’m food just enlighten my mood, On boring days I like to experiment and try to make some dishes for my myself. I think food just give me the positivity.. I love to try new food and try to make myself.. Chicken-Mutton is only what I prefer to cook and eat.
3) Beaches
I love beaches every sunday I go to beach just for walk or to play football. The strong breeze just refreshes me and make me charged for the long hectic week. Exploring new beaches is just my hobby .
After visiting beach I think I can concentrate on my work more properly
4) Text or phone call from beloved
No matter how stressful my day is text or phone call from my friends or my BFF lways makes me happy. Even from their busy schedule my BFF don’t forget to text me. They are my true fans, supporter, motivator, advisor etc. Even though I don’t text or call them daily but they never forget to do that so.. That’s why I’m thankfully to them
5) Travelling
I cant imagine my life without traveling. I love to travel a lot i like to explore new places and I was fortunate enough to travel most of the Northen Part Of India. During the traveling I like to explore the local culture and food.. Traveling to Goa always makes me happy and I just wait for the opportunity to go to goa…

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This is a tribute to the nice guys

This is a tribute to the nice guys. The nice guys that finish last, that never become more than friends, that endure hours of whining and bitching about what assholes guys are, while disproving the very point. This is dedicated to those guys who always provide a shoulder to lean on but restrain themselves to tentative hugs, those guys who hold open doors and give reassuring pats on the back and sit patiently outside the changing room at department stores. This is in honor of the guys that obligingly reiterate how cute/beautiful/smart/funny/sexy their female friends are at the appropriate moment, because they know most girls need that litany of support. This is in honor of the guys with open minds, with laid-back attitudes, with honest concern. This is in honor of the guys who respect a girl抯 every facet, from her privacy to her theology to her clothing style.

This is for the guys who escort their drunk, bewildered female friends back from parties and never take advantage once they抮e at her door, for the guys who accompany girls to bars as buffers against the rest of the creepy male population, for the guys who know a girl is fishing for compliments but give them out anyway, for the guys who always play by the rules in a game where the rules favor cheaters, for the guys who are accredited as boyfriend material but somehow don抰 end up being boyfriends, for all the nice guys who are overlooked, underestimated, and unappreciated, for all the nice guys who are manipulated, misled, and unjustly abandoned, this is for you.

This is for that time she left 40 urgent messages on your cell phone, and when you called her back, she spent three hours painstakingly dissecting two sentences her boyfriend said to her over dinner. And even though you thought her boyfriend was a chump and a jerk, you assured her that it was all ok and she shouldn抰 worry about it. This is for that time she interrupted the best killing spree you抎 ever orchestrated in GTA3 to rant about a rumor that romantically linked her and the guy she thinks is the most repulsive person in the world. And even though you thought it was immature and you had nothing against the guy, you paused the game for two hours and helped her concoct a counter-rumor to spread around the floor. This is also for that time she didn抰 have a date, so after numerous vows that there was nothing 搒erious� between the two of you, she dragged you to a party where you knew nobody, the beer was awful, and she flirted shamelessly with you, justifying each fit of reckless teasing by announcing to everyone: 搊h, but we抮e just friends!� And even though you were invited purely as a symbolic warm body for her ego, you went anyways. Because you抮e nice like that.

The nice guys don抰 often get credit where credit is due. And perhaps more disturbing, the nice guys don抰 seem to get laid as often as they should. And I wish I could logically explain this trend, but I can抰. From what I have observed on campus and what I have learned from talking to friends at other schools and in the workplace, the only conclusion I can form is that many girls are just illogical, manipulative bitches. Many of them claim they just want to date a nice guy, but when presented with such a specimen, they say irrational, confusing things such as 搊h, he抯 too nice to date� or 揾e would be a good boyfriend but he抯 not for me� or 揾e already puts up with so much from me, I couldn’t possibly ask him out! or the most frustrating of all: 搉o, it would ruin our friendship. Yet, they continue to lament the lack of date-able men in the world, and they expect their too-nice-to-date male friends to sympathize and apologize for the men that are jerks. Sorry, guys, girls like that are beyond my ability to fathom. I can’t figure out why the connection breaks down between what they say (I want a nice guy!) and what they do (I am going to sleep with this complete ass now!). But one thing I can do, is say that the nice-guy-finishes-last phenomenon doesn抰 last forever. There are definitely many girls who grow out of that train of thought and realize they should be dating the nice guys, not taking them for granted. The tricky part is finding those girls, and even trickier, finding the ones that are single.

So, until those girls are found, I propose a toast to all the nice guys. You know who you are, and I know your sick of hearing yourself described as ubiquitously nice. But the truth of the matter is, the world needs your patience in the department store, your holding open of doors, your party escorting services, your propensity to be a sucker for a pretty smile. For all the crazy, insane, absurd things you tolerate, for all the situations where you are the faceless, nameless hero, my accolades, my acknowledgment, and my gratitude go out to you. You do have credibility in this society, and your well deserved vindication is coming.