Life is sometimes so monotonous that everything you do on a daily basis would make you feel so claustrophobic and held up that looking beyond it would be a reality call u wana take!

How many times has it been that you get up in the morning go for work come back home totally tired and exhausted eat and straight go to sleep to wake up the next day just to start it off in the same routine each time? I remember my dad joking about it when we were kids saying when he leaves in the morning or returns back from work at night he always would see us horizontally lying and even though it was funny it was true somehow!

We study for a better course in school, in college we compete to stand out for a future career and at workplace we are all in a rat race for financial security and stability for life in this farce we live somehow small little things zest up and bring that lightning spark into your dead life sometime!

The five things that zest up my life are:

  1. When my phone pings:

Ahh when i wake up  or am stuck in traffic or having a bad day trust me there is nothing more beautifull than a loved one being concerned about my where abouts even thought they could least do something to help me out from a stuck situation but a sweet talk a calming word can bring back that smile on my face in no time. An assuring voice can lift up my spirits tremendously.


  1. When you spend time alone:


I know this would sound weird cause everybody loves having people around them and acknowledging their small deeds but trust me knowing yourself better is more important than putting up a fake smile to fit in a place when am  not going to be myself there rather sit home and watch a movie or listen to music watering the plants in the garden would pump me up.


  1. Watching old childhood photographs and videos:



That little me crying in a cradle when I was born and that aww I was so cute is such a wonderful feeling when I go through the flashback in the old albums up my shelf. It brings back the feeling of innocence and emotions being a kid I could do and say what I want without being judged for being right or wrong. Sing,shout,scream be who I wanted to be without any responsibility or pressure being a grown up.




  1. Music and Dance:


No matter how tiring the day has been dancing to the pop numbers being played eithr on tv,lappy,radio gets back the electric rush through me like someone has truly said dance like nobody is watching and shake a leg to every tune ur humming. Its beautiful to connect to music from the soul it takes you to a different place altogether.


  1. Learning something new:


Being the person I am I don’t belong to one genre as such anything I come across interesting or intruisive curious to know more about the topic and expanding my knowledge is what I look upto like surfing through it online and discussing it with friends wanting to know more about the subject itself is a need to educate myself about is what I feel and the next time somebody questions me on it answering it confidently gives me a sense of being intellectual in my own way.



This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and BlogAdda.com


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