My World In A World I Live

Living normal life with hectic schedule with fighting for train seat to fight for extra marks extracts my whole energy in whole day. Then i think why did I grew up It was awesome that I would still have been in school. I wish this but this is not possible. After the long boring day. There are few things that enlighten my mood. But this 5 things just zest up my life.
1) My Family
Well I don’t Know From where to start but these people are the most precious people in world for me.
They are always there for me. They motivate me when I’m down and they celebrate my success with me. My Dad is the one who actually guides me and I always look upto him he is my real hero. My Mom today whatever I am I owe to her without her it wont be possible to me reach here. My sis no matter how much we fight at the end we peace it out. those fights shows how much we love each other
2) Food
No matter how down I’m food just enlighten my mood, On boring days I like to experiment and try to make some dishes for my myself. I think food just give me the positivity.. I love to try new food and try to make myself.. Chicken-Mutton is only what I prefer to cook and eat.
3) Beaches
I love beaches every sunday I go to beach just for walk or to play football. The strong breeze just refreshes me and make me charged for the long hectic week. Exploring new beaches is just my hobby .
After visiting beach I think I can concentrate on my work more properly
4) Text or phone call from beloved
No matter how stressful my day is text or phone call from my friends or my BFF lways makes me happy. Even from their busy schedule my BFF don’t forget to text me. They are my true fans, supporter, motivator, advisor etc. Even though I don’t text or call them daily but they never forget to do that so.. That’s why I’m thankfully to them
5) Travelling
I cant imagine my life without traveling. I love to travel a lot i like to explore new places and I was fortunate enough to travel most of the Northen Part Of India. During the traveling I like to explore the local culture and food.. Traveling to Goa always makes me happy and I just wait for the opportunity to go to goa…

This post is a part of the #ZestUpYourLife activity in association with TATA Zest and


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