Why i like my name – By Annette

With everyone being baptized with different

names with meaning according to their day, month, birth

chart or some sort of occasion, I too have a name that

signifies an auspicious beginning of life….When I was around

10 years old I had quite a few people being so curious to

know what exactly my name meant or how exactly do they

pronounce it to get it right, I didn’t ponder over the

thought so much or the meaning behind it back then but

later on as I grew up I figured out that I should probably

figure out by now what’s so special in a name or why did the

elder’s in the family choose to baptize me with this

name…My Mom’s Dad i.e my late Grandfather was a highly

intellectual man with knowledge in abundance to share with

whoever he came across…A week before I was about to be

born he suggested this name to my parents after quite a

good brief research over it…I was born on the 1st of May

1993 at 12.05pm in the afternoon in

Mangalore,Karnataka….He decided My name should begin

with the first alphabet “A” as I was born on the first and

my birth date when added sums up to a total of 1 i.e

1+5+1+9+9+3=28 (2+8) = 10(1+0)=1.

Have being born in a catholic family it comes

under tradition that while selecting a name for a new born

we do it according to the bible a holy book with biblical

names and specific meanings to it…They could either be a

latin or greek derivation done later of the name in

English…My name has a total of 7letters and 2syllables

with 1A, 2N, 2E, 2T to it and is derived from the language

“Hebrew” in which my name “ANNETTE” means “Grace and

Dignity” and the actual pronounciation to it is AH-NET but

commonly pronounced as A-nnett by family and friends….Im

very happy to have been blessed with this name as I don’t

find it common like Karen,Rita,Priya,Neha etc…It somehow

distinguishes me from the common and makes me feel so

special…I remember being in the 10th

know that the only one who shares a name common to mine

was a little girl in the 2nd Grade so that’s the ratio of how

uncommon this name has been throughout my life…It’s a

little difficult to to get the pronounciation exactly right to

my name at the first instance but if you do you must be a

real good one at your vocabulary I betcha!

A tarot reader sometime back had told me that

my name has a deep inner desire to inspire others in a

higher cause, and to share my own strongly held views on

valued matters.

People with this name are excellent at analyzing,

understanding, and learning. They tend to be mystics,

philosophers, scholars, and teachers. Because they live so

much in the mind, they tend to be quiet and introspective,

and are usually introverts but fun loving. When presented

with issues, they will see the larger picture. Their solitary

thoughtfulness and analysis of people and world events may

make them seem aloof, and sometimes even melancholy.

Annette was also a television serial that ran on The

Mickey Mouse Club during the show’s third season (1957-

1958). It starred Annette Funicello as Annette McCloud,

a poor, orphaned country girl who moves into town with

her upper-class aunt and uncle. . Most of the plot was

around her at high school trying to fit in with everybody

else. I also share my name with some famous Hollywood

celebrities like Annette Bening (American actress) ,

Annette Stroyberg(Danish actress), Annette Zilinskas

(American musician) , Annette Salmeen (American swimmer,

Olympic gold medalist, Rhodes Scholar, biochemist)

The day am born is considered as a Labour’s Day

throughout the world with qualities like leadership and

team spirit seem to be inbuilt in me it also happens to be

Maharashtra Day in the state of Maharashtra also declared

as a public holiday where no one can make an excuse saying

they are too busy to celeberate or checking the calendar

every year to hope that their birthday’s doesn’t fall on a

working weekday atleast. One of the other co-inciding fact

about my birthday is the day I was born my Godparents got

married the same day in the evening which calls each time

for a double celeberation…

In conclusion I would love to say that am very glad to have

this name and it’s a special name that define the uniqueness

I behold in me…


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